My Authy Tokens are Missing or Lost

There could be several reasons why your tokens may be missing or lost. This guide covers the most common reasons users are missing their tokens, and how to troubleshoot these issues.

New phone number

You have changed your phone number, and you're logging into Authy with the new number. If your first Authy account was linked to your old phone number, your token(s) may still be saved there. In this case, you would need to log in to Authy with your old phone number, or perform a phone change.

You never enabled backups

If backups aren't enabled, your tokens will only be stored locally on your device. If your device were to become lost, get factory reset, or if the Authy app becomes out of sync with your actual account, your tokens would be lost.

Tokens aren't synching between installations

Users with multiple Authy installations that don't see their tokens syncing on both devices may have one or both Authy app installs out of sync. In this situation, follow the troubleshooting here: Authy 2FA Account Tokens Not Backed Up or Device not Found.

You accidentally deleted a token

If you manually delete a 2FA token, you can recover it in a 48h period. Find more info in Authy deleted token by mistake.

We will unfortunately be unable to recover the token if 48h have passed. The best way to proceed in this case is to contact the service for the token you deleted to regain access.

Recent Phone Change or Account recovery sync issues

Users who have recently completed a phone change or account recovery could see their tokens desynced. If you have this issue, please contact Authy Support.

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