Error: Tokens Could Not Be Backed Up

Authy Desktop users on Windows, Mac, or Linux may see an error message when the Authy desktop application is unable to synchronize your backed up tokens: Error: Tokens Could Not Be Backed Up. This guide explains what to check for if this issue occurs.

  1. Verify that Backups are enabled in the Authy app.
  2. Try opening a web page like to verify your computer has an active internet connection.
  3. Once your connection is validated, keep the Authy app open so our automated Backups synchronization can try again.
  4. If all of your accounts still haven't been backed up after 2 hours, reset your Backups password from the device with your un-synced accounts to re-trigger the upload process.
  5. If your accounts have not been backed up and synced across all of your Authy devices 2 hours after resetting your Backups password, please contact our Support team so we can investigate this issue.



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