Why am I Receiving Verification Code Messages or Calls?

You are visiting this FAQ because you likely received a text message or a voice call, and don’t know why or where it came from. The message came from Twilio, a communications service that businesses use to send security codes when you login or sign up for their service.

If you were attempting to access an account online or sign up for a website, you don’t need to worry and you should use the code you got to complete the activity.

How Do I Stop These Messages?

If you received a message or a phone call, but you took no action to initiate it, you can prevent future messages by texting STOP back to the number that messaged you.

Since many companies use Twilio for sending verifications codes, stopping these messages may prevent you from logging into a website in the future. If you ever try to login to a service, or sign up for a website, and you do not get your registration or one-time password (OTP) message, Try texting START to the same number you originally tested "STOP" to. This will be considered an opt-in, and allow you to receive messages from this number again.

As a reminder, you can use these keywords in messages from Twilio to control how you are contacted:

  • STOP: Stops all messages
  • START: Allows messages to be sent to you
  • HELP: Redirects to this FAQ page

If you need more information or assistance, please contact our Support team.

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