You Must Decrypt Your Tokens in Authy

If you are stuck on an error saying "You must decrypt your tokens", or if you see them greyed out, this means you will need to enter your Backups password before adding any additional 2FA account tokens to Authy. This safeguard is in place to make sure that all copies of your tokens are using the same encryption password.

How Do You Know if 2FA Account Tokens are Encrypted?

Encrypted tokens are displayed in the tokens list with red (or red-outlined) lock icons.

How Do You Decrypt 2FA Account Tokens

  1. From the Authy app, click or tap one of the encrypted tokens.
  2. Enter your Backups password.

What If You Forgot or Don't Know the Backups Password?

Authy does not store your Backups password, and is unable to recover it for you. For more information, please see What is a Backup Password? Can it be recovered?.

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