2FA Account Recovery Cancelled

After attempting to recover your Authy account, you may receive an email advising that your account recovery request has been cancelled.


The most likely causes of this cancellation are a direct request from the account holder to cancel the recovery, or an automated cancellation when the account holder attempts to access their Authy account during the account recovery process.

Account Holder Cancellation Requests

At any time, an Authy account holder can contact the support team and cancel an account recovery. If you experience these issues, but are not the account holder, please contact the account holder directly.

Automatic Cancellation

Due to security processes involved with the account recovery process, it is imperative that an Authy account not be accessed during the 24 hours that the process takes to complete. Doing so will always result in an automatic cancellation of any open account recovery requests.

How to Proceed

If your account recovery request has been cancelled, but you still need to recover, please restart the process by visiting our reset site here: https://www.authy.com/phones/reset/

Please be mindful of the 24-hour process required to recover your account, and do not attempt to access your Authy account during this time.

If you continue to experience trouble, please contact Authy Support.

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