Deleting your Authy account

We're sorry to hear that you are considering to delete your Authy account. 

Since your security is important, we have provided a secure self-service option for closing and deleting your account here:

This process will guide you through a number of verification steps to ensure that your request is authentic and to prevent the unintended loss of access to the accounts that you use 2FA for. These steps will include confirmation emails which will give you the opportunity to terminate the process if you change your mind during the 30 day period. Please note that once the process is completed it is irreversible and we cannot recover your account.

IMPORTANT: If you have created and registered an Authy app for others to log into (Via the Authy Dashboard or Twilio Console), you will need to delete it prior to closing and deleting your account.

We have appreciate the opportunity to help secure your accounts and we are happy to provide this option for your secure account deletion. If you run into any issues with this process or have any questions about it, please let us know. 

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