Unblock Authy Account after requesting an account deletion

Users are free to delete their Authy account at any time with a self-service process, visiting the link: https://authy.com/account/delete/

Once you request an Authy account deletion, the account will be blocked for a timeframe of 30 days. After this time is completed, all the linked data will be completely deleted, and it won’t be possible to recover access to your account again.

If you've set your Authy account for deletion, and want to recover access to it, you can certainly do so by cancelling the process using one of the notification emails you've received from noreply@authy.com with the subject “Reminder, your Authy account will be deleted in XX days”

Reminder 29 days blurred.jpg

Once you cancel the account deletion, your Authy account will be unblocked. You can regain access to your account by re-installing the Authy application on any device that is supported. Please find the different versions of our app in our official site: https://authy.com/download/

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