My Token Code Doesn't Work

Authy apps support two different kinds of online 2FA account tokens:

  • Authenticator tokens: These tokens are added manually by scanning a QR code, or entering a token code using the Google Authenticator open source standard.
  • Authy-powered tokens generated automatically keyed to your phone number after you offer that information to an Authy partner such as Twitch, CloudFlare, one of our BitCoin Wallet partners, and many more.

What to do if your Authenticator token doesn't work

  1. Check that all devices have the same time. You can use this tool

  2. Confirm that backups are enabled and synced on your account.

  3. Uninstall and then reinstall the latest version of Authy on your account. Please double-check that your tokens are backed up before uninstalling Authy, as to not lose your tokens.

If this doesn't work, you will need to reach out to the service you're trying to log in to, and see how they can help you regain access.

What to do if your Authy-powered token doesn't work

  1. Check that you're logging into Authy with the same phone number that you used to activate 2FA in the original site. If you've lost access to the original phone number, you can follow the phone change process.
  2. Make sure you're using a device that is correctly registered with your Authy account and you're able to make changes. Otherwise, follow the troubleshooting for de-registered devices.
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