Authy Dashboard and Twilio Console for developers

The Authy dashboard the management tool for software developers who wish to implement two-factor authentication for users of websites they maintain.

The dashboard is not necessary or useful for users of the Authy app and will not display account information about your Authy app. It is a developer account tool only. If you have created an Authy dashboard account by mistake, you may delete your dashboard account here. This will remove the Authy dashboard token from your Authy app.

The Authy dashboard was deprecated in 2017 and replaced with a Twilio Console for Authy. Twilio is the parent company of Authy and all software developers using Authy to help manage user access / two factor authentication for their websites will need a Twilio account and can manage their accounts from

Similarly, Authy end users who simply use SMS or Authy apps to access other websites, will never need a Twilio account. If you have created a Twilio free trial by accident, no worries! You may cancel your account at any time.

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