Delete, hide, or decrypt Authy tokens

Authy apps support two kinds of tokens:

  • Authenticator tokens you add yourself by scanning a QR code or entering an equivalent token generator code using the Google Authenticator open source standard
  • Authy-powered tokens generated automatically keyed to your phone number after you offer that information to an Authy partner such as one of the bitcoin wallet sites who partner with us, or Twitch, CloudFlare, Sendgrid, etc.

These tokens are automatically backed up on Authy's servers, while authenticator tokens allow you the option of keeping the data private and not backing it up to Authy's server if you wish.


You may delete an authenticator token you previously to the Authy app if you have turned off two factor for that site or can't remember your Authy backups password and need to redo all your tokens. In the app, go to settings -> (External) Accounts and select the account to delete.

  • Android: Swipe your finger left --> right on top of the account you want to delete in the sidebar. A delete button will appear.
  • iOS: swipe your finger right <-- left on top of the account in the sidebar.
  • Authy Chrome: use the trash can icon.

After 24 hours, the backed up token will be removed from the Authy server.


You may hide an Authy-powered token using the same process as above, but because this data belongs to the Authy partner, the token will not be deleted unless that partner's server sends a request to Authy's API to turn off 2FA for you. If you believe you have turned off 2FA and the token persists, please contact the support team of that partner to see if there was a problem turning off 2FA, to ensure you will still be able to access your account without any problems in the future.


If you are seeing a message about 'decrypting your tokens' preventing you from adding a new token, this message is a warning protecting accounts from having backup passwords change before the tokens in the app are ready to use (decrypted by your backup password). You can only add more tokens or change the backup password if you decrypt any old tokens first. If you don't know your backup password any more, you will need to delete your tokens first then start over.

If you think you do know your last used password, you should exit the settings page of the app and go back to the token list. You will see the authenticator tokens have red locks on them - pick one and enter the password. Now you can proceed to add more tokens.

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